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Veterinary Surgery

Our board-certified veterinary surgeon at Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital in Halifax performs advanced surgery that puts your pet’s safety and comfort at the forefront. 

Please Note: Our Surgical Services are on hold and will resume in August 2024. 

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Coastal Care Veterinary

Surgical Services, Halifax Veterinarian

Advanced Surgery for Dogs & Cats in Halifax & Beyond

At Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, we are equipped with three cutting-edge surgical suites staffed by experts in veterinary surgery. We offer an extensive range of advanced orthopedic, soft tissue and neurosurgery procedures, all performed by an ACVS board-certified small animal veterinary surgeon.

When your dog or cat is referred to our Halifax surgery department, we will reach out to schedule a consultation with our surgery specialist. During this appointment, we will assess your pet and discuss their diagnosis with you. We will also discuss any additional recommended diagnostic tests and treatments, and explain details of any recommended surgical procedure(s), risks and expected outcomes for your pet.

Veterinary surgeries are always performed with your pet's well-being foremost in our minds. During your pet’s procedure, our surgical team will provide carefully controlled anesthesia, customized to each patient. We will also utilize pain management protocols tailored to their needs before, during and after surgery. 

Your companion’s condition will be continually monitored during their procedure, as well as following surgery until the time they go home. Our doctors, nurses and assistants who are working in hospital 24 hours a day, work closely with the specialty team to help ensure that each patient is comfortable, safe and receives the best possible, around-the-clock care.

Please Note: Specialty services require a referral from a primary care veterinarian.

The Surgical Process at Our Veterinary Hospital

At Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, everything we do, every decision we make, is focused on working towards the best possible outcomes for our cherished patients.

  • Multi-Specialty Collaboration

    Some patients have complex disease processes that require more than just a veterinary surgeon.

    At Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, we pride ourselves on collaboration between specialists in surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, anesthesiology and ophthalmology, to help provide the best possible complete care for each patient, especially those with complex needs.

  • Advanced Diagnosis

    To help provide an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment plan for your pet, we provide a wide array of advanced diagnostics that will complement blood work and other diagnostic testing performed by your family veterinarian.

    Detailed radiographs, abdominal ultrasound, fluoroscopy, endoscopy and CT scan are performed on-site at Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital by the specialty team, and are available if needed, to help ensure the best outcome for each patient.

  • Anesthesia, Pain Management & Continuous Patient Monitoring

    Each pet is unique, and thus each patient receives a customized anesthesia and pain management protocol that is specific to their medical, surgical and individual needs.

    Each patient also receives continuous monitoring using advanced equipment and a dedicated team before and during procedures, as well as continued monitoring and nursing care 24 hours a day while they remain in the hospital.

  • Post-Operative Care

    For most surgical procedures, patients will remain in the hospital for at least one night, under the care of our 24-hour medical team, to help ensure that they are stable, comfortable, and have recovered completely from anesthesia before going home.

    The surgery team will work with you to help ensure that you are aware of all recommended home care for your pet once they leave the hospital.

    You will receive written instructions regarding your pet’s activity, restrictions, medications and a follow-up plan, before their release from the hospital. A member of our surgery team will go over these instructions with you in detail and answer all of your questions.

    Should you have any questions or concerns once your pet arrives home from the hospital, our surgery team or our 24-hour emergency team is always available and happy to help.

Specialized Surgical Procedures

We offer an extensive range of advanced orthopedic, soft tissue and neurosurgery procedures, by our board-cerftified veterinary surgeon. 

Surgical Services, Halifax Veterinarian

Caring for Pets in Atlantic Canada

Our specialists are pleased to accept new patients by referral from primary care veterinarians. Our emergency service welcomes all clients – 24/7/365. 

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