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Our veterinarians have access to a variety of tools and technology at our Halifax in-house veterinary lab to help diagnose the cause of your pet's symptoms and customize a treatment plan to meet their unique needs. 

Advanced Diagnostic Technology for Dogs & Cats in Halifax

When your furry friend is under the weather, our professionals at Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital can access a wide variety of tests and tools in-house to determine the underlying cause of your pet's condition.

From bloodwork to evaluate blood chemistry and organ function, to endoscopy and X-rays to get a clear picture of your cat or dog's internal health – when a standard veterinary lab isn't equipped to handle your pet's diagnostic needs – we're here to help.

Whether dealing with an emergency case or a veterinary referral, our specialists can provide expert interpretation of images captured using our new CT scanner, ultrasound equipment and digital radiographs, all available on-site in our purpose-built facility.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Halifax Vet

Collaborative Veterinary Care

Our veterinarians are always available to collaborate with our internal team and referring veterinarians when making a diagnosis, and will be sure to share all diagnostic reports with your family veterinarian.

Radiology & Diagnostic Services 

If your dog or cat is experiencing a health emergency, you need answers fast.

Below are just some of the diagnostic tests, tools and technology that our veterinarians, specialists and veterinary technicians are able to access, on-site, in our Halifax diagnostics lab.

  • Radiography (Digital X-rays)

    Radiography allows our specialist and emergency vets to evaluate the health of your pet's bones and organs, and diagnose conditions such as broken bones, chronic arthritis and bladder stones.

    Taking digital X-rays is painless, safe, and completely non-invasive. This procedure uses only very low doses of radiation and is safe for even pregnant and young pets to undergo.

  • CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

    A CT scanner is a non-invasive diagnostic scanner that allows our specialists to view your pet's internal anatomy by producing highly detailed, cross-sectional images. 

    CT scans are commonly used for diagnosing diseases, planning surgery and early detection and treatment of cancer.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to produce real-time, moving images of your pets internal organs and circulatory system.

    This technology provides our team with valuable insight into the functioning of your pet's heart and internal organs, and allows us to detect the presence of cysts, tumors and blockages that might otherwise go undetected.

  • Fluoroscopy

    Fluoroscopy is a type of advanced veterinary imaging that allows us to view the inside of a pet's body while it is in motion.

    It is similar to an image from a radiograph or X-ray, but instead of producing a single still image, multiple images are produced by to capture real-time motion.

  • ECG / EKG

    If your pet is suspected of having a heart problem, our veterinarians may recommend chest X-rays and an electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) to help with determining the precise problem

    If the ECG/EKG points to a heart problem, a cardiac ultrasound may be required to identify disorders in the chambers of the heart.

  • Endoscopy

    An endoscope is comprised of a tiny camera and light attached to the end of a flexible tube. It can be inserted directly into areas of your pet's body so that internal organs or tissues can be observed in detail.

    Endoscopes are minimally invasive and can safely be inserted into the openings of the body such as the nose, mouth or anus.

  • Bloodwork

    Our in-house lab is equipped to run a number of common and targeted blood tests to help us determine the health of your pet and to diagnose illness.

    CBC (complete blood count), white blood count, hemoglobin and MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), hematocrit, platelets, eosinophils, and blood serum profile are a few of the most common blood tests performed in veterinary medicine. 

  • Urinalysis

    Urinalysis provides our veterinary team with detailed insights into the physical and chemical properties of your pet's urine.

    This vital diagnostic test is primarily used to assess the health of your pet's kidneys and urinary tract system, and diagnosing metabolic diseases such as diabetes, however, it can also be helpful in detecting issues in other organ systems as well. 

  • Fecal Exams

    A fecal exam is the microscopic examination of your pet's feces in order to identify any gastrointestinal infections that may be the cause of your pet's symptoms.

    Fecals allow your vet to determine if your pet has intestinal parasites, such as roundworms or hookworms. 

In-House Veterinary Pharmacy 

Once your veterinarian has diagnosed the cause of your four-legged friend's symptoms, they will take the time to explain the treatment options that they think will most effectively resolve or manage your pet's condition.

If medications are part of your pet's treatment plan, we can fill your pet's prescription so that treatment can begin without delay. When it's time for a prescription renewal, let us know. We can have your pet's medicine ready and waiting when you come in. 

In-House Pet Health Supplies

Diet often plays a key role in helping pets recover from illness, and keeping them healthy to begin with. At Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, we offer diet and health care products formulated to treat medical issues in dogs and cats, and maintain their good health.

Our veterinary pharmacy is well-stocked with prescription diets, medications and more, allowing our team to provide you with the products your four-legged companion needs while in our care.

Veterinary Lab & Diagnostics

Caring for Pets in Atlantic Canada

Our veterinary specialists are pleased to be accepting new patients by referral from primary care veterinarians in Halifax, Dartmouth and beyond. 

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