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Pet Anesthesiologist in Halifax

Veterinary anesthesiologists offer comprehensive anesthetic and pain management that puts the comfort and safety of dog and cat companions in Halifax and Dartmouth first.

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Graphic of Vet Anesthesiologist with Dog

Vet Anesthesiologist with Cat in Halifax

Veterinary Anesthesiologist for Dogs & Cats in Halifax

There may come a time when your furry companion needs to have a surgical procedure completed while they are under sedation or anesthesia.

Anesthesia uses medication that will cause your cat or dog to become unconscious for a short period. Your companion will have complete muscle relaxation during this time, as well as a complete loss of chronic pain sensation.

We are proud to provide comprehensive care for our veterinary patients who require surgery or diagnostics under heavy sedation or anesthesia. The support and care we offer extend beyond the surgery itself, from preparing for the appointment to complete post-procedure aftercare and recovery.

Our veterinary team will take every precaution to minimize the risks associated with anesthesia and ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible during their stay.

To help ensure this safety, our veterinary anesthesia department will be overseen by Dr. Jocelyn Marchiori who is currently finishing a three-year anesthesia residency. 

Our Veterinarian (Practice Limited to Anesthesiology)

Dr. Jocelyn Marchiori is a veterinarian and anesthesiology resident at our hospital who is proud to be on the path to becoming board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist in 2024. She looks forward to helping to keep all furry friends at our hospital safe while they receive sedation and anesthesia.

Meet Dr. Jocelyn Marchiori

Veterinary Anesthesiologist Referrals

Dr. Jocelyn Marchiori will be working closely with our veterinary specialists and referring veterinarians from Halifax and across Atlantic Canada to provide veterinary anesthesiology services. 

These pain management services include analgesia protocols, various nerve blocks, and peri-operative plans to help your pet stay relaxed while feeling as little as possible during their visit.

Safety & Comfort During Surgeries

We strive to ensure complete patient care and comfort at our animal hospital. We use several different techniques and a variety of veterinary medicines and tools to help us treat your furry family members while keeping them comfortable during surgeries.

To help keep them safe, we constantly monitor their vital signs, including blood pressure monitoring, heart rate and rhythm, blood oxygenation, capnography and body temperature. This is all done with the help of a dedicated Coastal Care anesthesia team member who won't let your pet out of their sight.

Vet Anesthesiologist with Dog in Halifax

Caring for Pets in Atlantic Canada

Our specialists are pleased to accept new patients by referral from primary care veterinarians. Our emergency service welcomes all clients – 24/7/365. 

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