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If you are a veterinarian who would like to refer a patient for an outpatient ultrasound at Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, please submit the form below.

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Ultrasound Referral Process

If you are a primary care veterinarian, learn how to refer a patient for an ultrasound, and and what to expect throughout the process. 

  • Our goal is to work together to provide the best standard of care. This means being available to discuss ongoing cases between our ER veterinarians, specialists and referring veterinarians.
    - The Coastal Care Team

Outpatient Ultrasound Referral Form

If you are a referring veterinarian, please complete the form below. 

Referring Veterinarian

Client Information

Patient Information

Medical Information

Owner Permissions

We always try to perform ultrasound without sedation, but it may be required for patients that are too anxious to perform it safely or properly as well as for FNAs. Please inform owner that if it is deemed that sedation is required, and owner does not approve it, ultrasound will not be performed.
FNA will require an updated platelet count (within last 2 weeks) for all cases, as well as a coagulation panel for liver FNAs.
Bleeding should be discussed. It is extremely rare but can occur in some cases and very small percentage of patients will require a transfusion or emergency surgery if bleeding occurs.

Supporting Information

If you would like to upload multiple files at once, there are two options.
If you prefer to attach individual files, please use the fields below.

Outpatient Ultrasound Referrals

Caring for Pets in Atlantic Canada

Our specialists are pleased to accept new patients by referral from primary care veterinarians. Our emergency service welcomes all clients – 24/7/365. 

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